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LATIN Names that Mean “Love, Beautiful and Flowers”

Posted on: July 18, 2012

LATIN baby girl names that mean "Love, Beautiful and Flowers" from Adorabella, Amabel, Anabelle, Zinnia. Find out 165 more at meaningofname.

1. ADORABELLA means “Adored beauty
2. ADORABELLE means “Adored beauty
3. AIMATIA means “Flower garden
4. AMABEL means “Beautiful or loving; Lovable.
5. AMABELLA means “Beautiful or loving
6. AMABELLE means “Beautiful or loving
7. AMABILIS means “Beautiful or loving
8. ANABEL means “Beautiful. Graceful.
9. ANABELLE means “Beautiful; graceful.
10. ANNABEL means “Beautiful. Graceful.
11. ANNABELLA means “Beautiful. Graceful.
12. ANNABELLE means “Beautiful. Graceful.
13. ARROSE means “Rose
14. AVENA means “From the oat field
15. AVINA means “From the oat field
16. AZALIA means “Dry Also a flower name
17. BELINDA means “Very beautiful.
18. BELLA means “Beautiful; Fair; lovely one
19. BELLE means “Beautiful
20. BONNIE means “Beautiful

LATIN Names that Mean "Love, Beautiful and Flowers"

21. BONNY means “Beautiful
22. CALLULA means “Beautiful
23. CAMELIA means “A flower name
24. CARMEL means “Fruitful orchard
25. CARMELA means “Fruitful orchard
26. CARMELITA means “Fruitful orchard
27. CARMELLA means “Fruitful orchard
28. CARMELLE means “Fruitful orchard
29. CHRISTABEL means “Beautiful Christian
30. CHRISTABELLA means “Beautiful Christian
31. CHRISTAHELLA means “Beautiful
32. CRISTABEL means “Beautiful Christian
33. CRISTABELL means “Beautiful Christian
34. FLORA means “Flower The mythological Roman goddess of flowers
35. FLORELLA means “Blooming
36. FLORENCE means “Flowering Blooming
37. FLORENTINE means “Blooming
38. FLORENTYNA means “Blooming
39. FLORENZA means “Blooming
40. FLORIA means “Blooming
41. FLORICE means “Flower
42. FLORIS means “Flower
43. FORENZA means “Flower
44. FRONDA means “Leafy branch
45. FRONDE means “Leafy branch
46. GINGER means “From the ginger flower
47. HELEN means “Most beautiful woman in the world
48. HIBISCUS means “Flower name
49. HIBISKUS means “Flower name
50. HORTENDANA means “Gardener
51. HORTENSE means “Gardener
52. IBOLYA means “Flower
53. KAMELLA means “Variant of Camelia
54. KARMEL means “Fruitful orchard
55. KARMELLE means “Fruitful orchard
56. LAUENE means “Laurel
57. LAUICA means “Laurel
58. LAURA means “The laurel tree or sweet bay tree
59. LAURELLA means “Laurel
60. LAURENE means “The laurel tree or sweet bay tree
61. LAURENTIA means “Laurel
62. LAURIN means “Laurel
63. LAURINA means “Laurel
64. LAURISSA means “Laurel
65. LAWENA means “Laurel
66. LILA means “Lily
67. LILIA means “Lily is a name of flower which is a symbol of beauty
68. LILIANNA means “Lily
69. LILIANNE means “Lily
70. LILIKA means “Lily
71. LILLIANA means “Lily
72. LILLIANE means “Lily
73. LILLIANN means “Lily
74. LILLIANNA means “Lily
75. LILYBEL means “Beautiful lily
76. LILYBEL means “Beautiful lily
77. LILYBELLA means “Beautiful lily
78. LILYBELLA means “Beautiful lily
79. LILYBELLE means “Beautiful lily
80. LILYBELLE means “Beautiful lily
81. LILYBET means “Graceful lily
82. LILYBETH means “Graceful lily
83. LINDA means “Beautiful
84. LORA means “The laurel tree or sweet bay tree
85. LORETTA means “The laurel tree or sweet bay tree
86. LORILLA means “Little laurel
87. LORINDA means “Laurel
88. LORITA means “Laurel
89. LOTTA means “Petite beauty
90. LOTTIE means “Petite beauty
91. LYNNEA means “Pretty
92. MARIBEL means “Beautiful Marie
93. MARIBELL means “Beautiful Marie
94. MARIBELLA means “Beautiful Marie
95. MARIBELLE means “Beautiful Marie
96. MERINDA means “Beautiful sea
97. MYRTA means “Variant of Myrtle – based on the evergreen shrub sacred to Venus
98. OLIVE means “Olive tree
99. OLIVIE means “Olive
100. ORIBEL means “Beautiful golden child

LATIN Names that Mean "Love, Beautiful and Flowers"

101. ORIBELLA means “Beautiful golden child
102. ORIBELLE means “Beautiful golden child
103. PALMA means “Palm tree
104. PALMYRA means “Palm tree
105. PRIMROSE means “First rose
106. ROSABEL means “Beautiful rose
107. ROSABEL means “Beautiful rose
108. ROSABELLA means “Beautiful rose
109. ROSABELLA means “Beautiful rose
110. ROSABELLE means “Beautiful rose
111. ROSABELLE means “Beautiful rose
112. ROSALBA means “White rose
113. ROSALEEN means “Rose
114. ROSALINA means “Rose
115. ROSALINE means “Rose
116. ROSALYN means “Rose
117. ROSE means “Rose flower
118. ROSEMARY means “Bitter rose
119. ROSIE means “Rose
120. ROSSA means “Beautiful flower
121. RUZENA means “Rose
122. SABINA means “Eurasian juniper
123. SISELI means “Meadow saxifrage
124. SYLANNA means “From the forest
125. SYLVA means “From the forest
126. SYLVANIA means “From the forest
127. SYLVIA means “From the forest
128. VENITA means “Goddess of love and beauty
129. VENUS means “Goddess of love and beauty
130. VERBANE means “Sacred limb
131. VERBENA means “Sacred limb
132. VERBENAE means “Sacred limb
133. VERBENIA means “Sacred limb
134. VIOLA means “Flower
135. VIRGINIA means “Blossoming; Chaste; virginal
136. ZINNIA means “Beautiful rayed flower
137. CARA means “Doe; Beloved.
138. CARALEA means “Beloved
139. CARALEE means “Beloved
140. CARALISA means “Beloved
141. CARELLA means “Beloved
142. CARENA means “Little darling
143. CARI means “Beloved
144. CARIANA means “Little darling
145. CARILLIE means “Beloved
146. CARIN means “Little darling
147. CARINA means “Little darling
148. CARINE means “Little darling
149. CARINNA means “Little darling
150. CARITA means “Giving; Beloved.

LATIN Names that Mean "Love, Beautiful and Flowers"

151. CARRINA means “Little darling
152. CHARITY means “Giving. Benevolent goodwill and love.
153. DAVIDA means “Dearly loved
154. VENITA means “Goddess of love and beauty
155. VENUS means “Goddess of love and beauty
156. LAURIE means “Laurel
157. LAUREL means “Laurel
158. LAUREEN means “Laurel
159. LORIS means “Laurel
160. LAUREN means “Laurel
161. LAURETTE means “Laurel
162. LORNA means “Laurel
163. FLORENTINA means “Blooming
164. FLORIDA means “Blooming
165. OLIVIA means “Olive

Related names that mean "Love, Beautiful and Flowers" in English, Japanese, Hawaiian, French and Arabic.

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